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2LOUD4U Musikportal und CD Shop

this is fred's music store way down in shillington, p.a./usa. if the wind pushes You this way some day, You may drop in to get some guitars, amps or just to call Your mom in usbekistan to ask how to get back home...



a german homepage for musicians, containing informations on gigs, law themes,cds and much more. music-net is hosting the german "drmv" from lüneburg, an organisation that does  a lot of political work for german pop musicians and may develop to  something like a musicians' union someday? who knows...



this british provider offers a place for unsigned bands for free. so this may be an oppurtunity to leave Your demos, pictures, gig dates and comments (once again...) for free!!!




this is a free submission engine: You can get Your url listed at 34!!!! search engines. what an offer ! get listed the easy way HERE!


so what can i say about one of the greatest ressources on guitar and everything that's connected with it? a bottomless pit on links, reviews, interviews with Your favorite guitar slingers, equipment connections - a celebration of our instrument truly!



 classifieds, tabs, ressources - another homepage to spend half the night! get Your juices and some snacks and... here You go!



if You're a beginner on the guitar or if You decided to get into that theoretical thing around keys, harmonies and scales, after You had a great decade on pentatonics, this may be a great oppurtunity to understand basic principles the EASY way! and maybe You'll decide to order kirk lorange's book!



this is one of germany's most popular promotion homepage for bands, containing pictures, demos and links. they also offer a musician's chat and chats with professionals from the german music buisness. quite interesting, isn't it? musik plaza is closely connected to idpc, a demo placement agency. You can get Your songs onto their cd and it will be sent to a lot of record companies.




 a search engine with 1001 categories, easy to get listed on! go ahead and promote!


 another german online-magazine, too sad it's german, again...

this is a great source with guitar lessons (mainly in the field of guitar
chord theory and voicings), links and several interactive tools!


a huge directory of ressources on music


a search engine on bands, artists, musicians. there's also offers for promotion


 two links to independent orientated promotion companies


discover is germany's most visited internet music magazine homepage. it's in german and contains hundreds of cd  reviews, some links, my dear buddy d.j. as big chief and some articles i wrote on the popkomm-fair, which is said to have been a meeting on music: today it looks more like "models, sharks and big shots" - has rock&roll become a loser's game? where's my rory gallagher outfit when i need it most?

 a store on guitars, amps and stuff in the u.s.a.


it may sound funny to You, but when i discovered this site, i was nearly driven to tears of joy!  at the mrsci, a special promotion agency, You can choose a real-audio-file of one of  all those slade tunes, a pictures of the boys, write down Your greetings and send it as an electric card to friends or enemies! one of the glamest ideas ever made! a gift for an old glamster like me. i said, mama weer all crazee now!


a german magazine on, You might guess, guitar and bass. it contains a large link-directory with links to bands, record companies, airports, tv stations, lawyers and some weird bizarre stuff. ask for my ol' buddy udo "sharky" klinkhammer, but don't tell him i advised You to do so... . one of my all-time-all-situations-link, a real bookmark.


homepage of one of nyc's bestknown guitarslingers, earl slick. the homepage is a retro store for bands like foghat, todd rundgren's utopia and some others. an assorted, but tasty excerpt.


south london and canterbury music scene server from the u.k., worth a visit!



"entertainers" -  promotion for us musicians from the u.k., contains a section for stand-ins, finally someone to share my plans! great ressource for promotion, i guess!


homepage of a german music magazine

gee whiz, this is the meanest gizmofrenzyfuzzboxcrazinessouttacontrol&outofbounds-homepage i've ever seen! contains tons of weird and legendary stompboxes and !!!real-audio-demos presenting their sound!!! here's a chance to come taste the harshest sinus waves ever designed ! get Your lesson in gizmology NOW and HERE!!!!!!!!!

yes, this is a croatian fellow, too. on his homepage, there are lotsa tabs
and links about croatian songs. nevermind the lyrics: "dva crna grozda..."
. this is a really spaced-out language!

"...and here they are: the no.1 rock&roll coverband from my hometown. even
my wife digs them (and not me!!!). both guitar and bass player survived my
guitar lessons in the dim and distant past. so they are anything but lazy i
guess. they surely will get Your party goin'!"

watch out! this is a recordimg studio in wuppertal. their offer is:
250,-dm a day/ 600dm for 3 days. there are 24 analog tracks, 24 tracks adat
and 48tracks digital available (2 dm~1 $)!
this may suit You fine even if You're from barbados! don't be shy, visit
wuppertal and mathias wessel's public-audio studio!

yes, it had to happen: a homepage from the jazzy side of things. bluebamboo
offers the distribution of cds, a recording studio and studio musicians.
although i won't get hired to re-record "my funny valentine", You might
take a look'n'listen!

home of the flextone amp and other assorted digital and virtual tools. yes, i know, it's hard to believe that gizmos can get it off, but it maybe y2k yet and You are already using the internet... . don't be shy, those folks build marvelous things and it's no voodoo ( at least i think so....?!).

chris wades flex-files! a greta site to exchange opinions on and patches for the flextone amp! drop in, dial 'em knobs and there we goooooooooooooooooohoooo!

another great page for discussions on flexxtones, other line6 products and related stuff. You might find me in serious argumentation with other guys and fans - this internet keeps me from rehearsing, really...

my designer buddies from the techno front, in fact great guys! i dig their style and their attitude. so will You!

'know substitute's' from indiana, u.s. of a. . a promotion service for local musicians or anyone around the world. see what's in store!

guitar ressources: tabs, sheets, chord & scale finders, tunings, lessons, chat, discussion, links, but no naked women (xcuse me: this ain't a guitarist's ressource, but a guitar ressource!)

here's a homepage i'd like to advise You to visit:
FRETZ WORLD. in his link section, 'fretz' hides a wonderful guitar instrumental (real audio file) named "talkin' to myself": sweet as honey... ?
just as the title says: superstore for strings!
what a site on r&b, funk & soul. if You got a question on any song or
record, go here and "ask cliff" via e-mail and You will get the answer in
most cases (99,9%!). You will find it comfotable to purchase the requested
reords at this site immediately! great service, great site.
another server for bands and musicians!
my collegue az from the flextone-front with great audio-files. check out
his band "black iris" - this is real music...
another flextone-link. this is the oiginal fan-site. see it NOW!


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 this is one of my heroes of all times and all galaxies: canadian guitar god frank marino! check out the six stringed silver surfer on the mahogany rush albums: there were years in my life, i fed on the mahogany rush live album (contains one of the greatest "purple haze" versions of this and any universe!).