Hello! So nice, you found your way to my virtual home! I am Franjo Obradovic, croatian guitar player and gun for hire from Germany, born 27th of October 1962.

I am mainly feeding on rock and soul music and would like to offer you my help on guitar and bass to prepare a rockin' good meal. I can offer you my services for recipes from Motown to Motörhead.

I was raised on the usual MADE IN JAPAN album for Christmas, the headache over the first time hearing Hendrix' I DON'T LIVE TODAY, came to know that
RAW POWER got a son called Rock'n'roll (courtesy of Iggy Pop) and was surprised by the Four Tops, Sly Stone, Prince and INXS that I was allowed to dance anyway. I didn't invite Kylie Minogue to my last birthday party, because she always raises a fuss since I won't play her Bums'n'Closets-CDs.

I play the guitar since 1978, playing in different bands and as a studio musician in the area between Cologne and Dortmund, West Germany. You can check out the following discography, information about my equipment (for all you guitar fetish lovers), my demos and just watch my shoes!

So I hope you're having fun – hope to hear or see you soon!

Franjo Obradovic Bahnhofstrasse 47, 58332 Schwelm
e-mail: franjo@electricseason.de
phone: 02336.91 36 14 international code: 0049. 2336.91 36 14